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Boxing hand wraps on boxers hands.

Picking The Right Boxing Glove - Part 2

It is important to consider hand wraps when selecting your boxing gloves. Hand wraps are an essential piece of equipment for anyone who practices combat sports. Together with your boxing gloves, hand wraps provide vital protection for your hands and wrists, while also improving your performance and reducing the risk of injury. Whether you're a beginner or a professional athlete, hand wraps are a must-have item for anyone serious about their training and competition.

Hand wraps help to absorb the shock of impact and distribute the force evenly across your hand and wrist, reducing the risk of injury. They also help to stabilize your wrist and prevent it from bending or twisting during punches, reducing the risk of wrist injuries. Hand wraps provide an additional layer of protection for your knuckles and other parts of your hand, helping to cushion your hands from impact and reducing the risk of cuts, bruises, or other injuries.

Hand wraps provide extra padding and protection to your knuckles and support around your wrist, which can affect how your hands fit inside the boxing gloves. The hand wraps add bulk especially around your knuckles which can make the gloves feel tighter than they would without wraps. This can have a big effect on the overall comfort of your boxing gloves.

Overall, it's important to try on gloves with hand wraps on to ensure a proper fit. If you plan to wear hand wraps when training or competing, you should also consider the type and thickness of the wraps, as these can affect the fit of the gloves as well. A well-fitting pair of boxing gloves and hand wraps can provide both comfort and protection to your hands during training and competition.

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