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Shipping policy
Any orders placed during weekdays after 12pm PST, on holidays or weekends will ship the following business day. Orders are not shipped on Saturday or Sunday. 

LTL Shipping
Less-than-truckload, also known as less-than-load (LTL), is a shipping service for relatively small loads or quantities of freight. Carriers require a 2-hour window to book prior to closing time. Any orders placed during weekdays after 12pm PST, on holidays or weekends will ship within 1-2 business days. LTL requires an appointment for delivery. 

Domestic Shipping Rates
All orders have a $4.99 Flat Rate standard shipping cost within the Continental United States. Oversize/Overweight fees may be added to the flat rate shipping cost and are displayed below. Overweight/Oversize fees are applied once per order and not per product. If multiple Overweight/Oversize products are added to the cart only the highest fee will be added to the standard flat rate shipping at checkout. 
Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska
Shipping charges to Hawaii and Alaska are calculated based on your choice of service, product size/weight, and are displayed at checkout.

Shipping Charges for Overweight / Oversize (in Addition to $4.99 Flat Rate)
Fitness Kettlebell 8lb.
Fitness Kettlebell 10lb.
Individual Fitness Kettlebell 8lb.
Individual Fitness Kettlebell 10lb.
Competition Kettlebell 8kg
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 5
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 5
Fitness Kettlebell 15lb.
Fitness Kettlebell 20lb.
Fitness Kettlebell 25lb.
Individual Fitness Kettlebell 15lb.
Individual Fitness Kettlebell 20lb.
Individual Fitness Kettlebell 25lb.
Competition Kettlebell 12kg
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 8lb.
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 10lb.
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 15lb.
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 20lb.
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 25lb.
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 8lb.
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 10lb.
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 15lb.
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 20lb.
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 25lb.
Competition Kettlebell 16kg
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 30lb.
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 35lb.
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 40lb.
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 45lb.
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 30lb.
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 35lb.
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 40lb.
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 45lb.
Stationary Legend Landmine
Fitness Kettlebell 30lb.
Fitness Kettlebell 35lb.
Fitness Kettlebell 40lb.
Fitness Kettlebell 45lb.
Fitness Kettlebell 50lb.
Individual Fitness Kettlebell 30lb.
Individual Fitness Kettlebell 35lb.
Individual Fitness Kettlebell 40lb.
Individual Fitness Kettlebell 45lb.
Individual Fitness Kettlebell 50lb. 
Competition Kettlebell 20kg
Competition Kettlebell 24kg
Throwdown Teardrop Heavy Bag
Throwdown Uppercut Bag
Fitness Kettlebell 60lb.
Individual Fitness Kettlebell 60lb.
Competition Kettlebell 28kg
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 50lb.
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 55lb.
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 75lb.
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 50lb.
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 55lb.
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 75lb.
Throwdown Heavy Bag 4ft
Boxing Bundle
TD Hanging Handled Grappling Dummy (60 LB)
Fitness Kettlebell 80lb.
Individual Fitness Kettlebell 80lb.
Triad Sled
Fitness Kettlebell 100lb.
Individual Fitness Kettlebell 100lb.
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 90lb.
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 95lb.
HIIT Hex Dumbbells 100lb.
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 90lb.
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 95lb.
Black HIIT Hex Dumbbell 100lb.
Functional Flat Bench
HIIT Bench
Throwdown Heavy Bag 6ft
Throwdown Wrecking Ball
Super Sled
Refunds, returns, and exchanges
Please refer to our Refund Policy by clicking here.