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  • Fight and Train Like the Legends
    September 10, 2023

    Fight and Train Like the Legends

    While the world has sped ahead, we at Throwdown remember the values found in traditional boxing training and experience. New techniques in manufacturing and design have given to us a whole new world of combat sports and equipment, but the original still holds weight.
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  • Boxing hand wraps on boxers hands.
    March 9, 2023

    Picking The Right Boxing Glove - Part 2

    It is important to consider hand wraps when selecting your boxing gloves. Hand wraps are an essential piece of equipment for anyone who practices combat sports. Together with your boxing gloves, hand wraps provide vital protection for your hands and...

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  • Throwdown Boxing Gloves with punch mitt pad.
    February 22, 2023

    Picking The Right Boxing Glove - Part 1

    Selecting a boxing glove can be and intimidating venture for someone that is new to the sport. There are several factors that make a good boxing glove. Throwdown is here to help with understanding how to select a boxing glove.
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Customer Reviews

Ive been using throwdown gear and equipment for over 10 years. Hands down best stuff around. (Throwdown Gel Fastwrap)

Tommy Davis

I’m very pleased and will buy again when these wear out. (Stealth Training Gloves)

Steven Keplinger

I recently bought a set of medicine ball set. These are great. The material is one of a kind the wife loves them as well. (Medicine Ball)

Doug Johnson

Great Kit. Quality products. Amazing price. I'm very happy with my purchase! (Throwdown Home Kit)

Amanda Ball