Stealth Training Gloves

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Handcrafted, full coverage training gloves are designed to amplify performance while providing additional peace of mind.

  • Available in four colorways constructed using lightweight TATIX textiles, allowing a supported, full range of motion
  • Shielded Fusion palms provide a sure grip and a contactless barrier that can simply be cleaned using hand sanitizer for post workout storage
  • Tech Skin two finger touch screen operation
  • Form fitting neoprene cuff with adjustable strap

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Love the gloves! I have a great grip on the bar and the gloves are comfortable. They run a tad small however that may beca good thing. I'm thinking about ordering 2 more pairs!

So glad I found these!!!!!

Wow! I'm glad I found these gloves. I was looking for something that I could wear back to the gym since COVID hit and I'm so happy that be using the Stealth gloves. These are comfy tight and really help with grip. Also, they are easy to clean by wiping or washing.

I will always keep a pair in my car and gym bag!!

Love them... they fit like a “glove”

I’m very pleased and will buy again when these wear out.

Like a second skin!

I’ve been lifting weights for 32 yrs and have never worn gloves. I tried these and was super surprised. You are still able to feel the bar which is important to me, plus the stickiness helps with back exercises. I’m also using them under my ski gloves. Super happy and would highly recommend

Rad all-purpose training glove!

I'm glad that I found these gloves. The stealth training gloves are nice tight fit and have great grip when handling the barbell and weights.
Also, I've been taking these to the gym and have been able to easily wipe the gloves when finished. I would love to see more design options but the camo colors are great.