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Battle Rope

Commercial grade for your home/garage gym

  • DURABLE COMMERCIAL GRADE: The THROWDOWN Battle Rope is constructed from durable poly dacron rope. The handle sleeves are held in place with steel collars to prevent them from coming loose. A wear sleeve is added at the attachment point to extend the life of your rope. 
  • VERSATILE:  The Battle Rope Workout is used to condition and train your whole body by recruiting your core, legs, and arms in coordinated motion. Often called a conditioning rope or power rope, it is a key piece of equipment to get you in fighting shape.  Great for a garage gym, home gym, or fitness facility.
  • PORTABLE:  The Battle Rope can be attached to any post, tree, or bench to enhance your workout. The rope is easily transported to a park or another part of your gym to create a seamless HIIT workout.
  • TRUSTED AND PROVEN: Trusted by the biggest impact athletes and gyms in the game, helping you to train like a professional.
  • California Residents 
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