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GlideBoxx Dynamic Heavy Bag System

GlideBoxx takes the Heavy Bag to the next Level!

  • Active Opponent Heavy Bag Mounting System: The GlideBoxx turns your punching bag into an active opponent by allowing the bag to react to your strikes and coming back at you forcing you to train footwork and angles in a realistic way. Great for Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and Kickboxing.
  • Developed By Martial Arts Experts: The GlideBoxx was developed in a MMA gym as a way for boxers and martial artists to take heavy bag training to the next level by encouraging realistic movement and footwork.
  • Fun and Interactive: Serious heavy bag training becomes more engaging by turning the punching bag into an interactive opponent.
  • Commercial Grade: THROWDOWN is the Original Impact Sports Brand, perfecting our products hand-in-hand with elite MMA athletes, trainers, and coaches for nearly two decades. The GlideBoxx was designed to withstand the punishment of a commercial facility but installs easily in a garage gym.


Use with any heavy bag. We recommend our 4ft Heavy Bag or 6ft Heavy Bag.


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