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Throwdown punching bag for Functional Impact Training

Why YOU need Functional Impact Training

Why do you need Functional Impact Training in your life?

Functional Impact Training combines functional strength training and high intensity interval training with boxing and martial arts training.

In case you don’t know what functional strength training is and why it’s important… Functional strength helps you move around easily, get up and down, and lift heavy things in your everyday life. The common examples of functional strength include carrying heavy grocery bags or picking up your grandchildren. We like to think of it as the strength needed to rescue someone from a burning building or carry that new heavy bag from the car to the garage.

The impact side of the equation brings in striking. The martial arts are well known for the benefits of coordination, mental discipline, and confidence. Striking works to refine your motor skills and concentration. It starts with simple punches and kicks and builds with combinations and reactive footwork. Enough can’t be said about the holistic physical and mental benefits of this style of training. In addition to the physical and mental benefits of this style of training it has real world application in self-defense.

The equipment we use for Functional Impact Training is simple and wide ranging. Some of our favorites are kettle bells, slam balls, punching bags, and boxing gloves but it is easy to get started with no equipment at all. Check out our app, social media, and sign up for emails for more information and tips on exercises, workouts, and equipment for Functional Impact Training.

Throughout our website you will notice the FIT logo on our product pages showing you the products we think are best for Functional Impact Training.

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