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What is Functional Impact Training?

What is Functional Impact Training?

Functional Impact Training (FIT) is at our core. We can go on and on about how vital functional training is to have a healthier, stronger, and more balanced body. For now, we’ll keep it short (as short as we can, we’re stoked to dive into this) in this first edition of our Functional Impact Series.


Functional Impact Training (FIT) is a specific, targeted approach to fitness designed to improve your ability to maintain peak health and comfort throughout your daily life – whether that's lifting a bag from the overhead compartment, chasing your kids or grandkids, or bringing groceries into the house.


So, what is Functional Impact Training? In simple terms, we like to refer to it as 'training like a fighter without getting hit.' Grounded in the training principles of a modern MMA athlete, FIT isn't solely about hitting a heavy bag or kickboxing – it's the integration of these movements with more traditional fitness styles.


If you are a fitness junkie like us, here is another way of describing FIT: Functional Impact Training = Impact Training (Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai) + High- Intensity Interval Training + Functional Fitness + Traditional Strength Training


Throughout this content series we will review the benefits of incorporating Functional Impact Training into your exercise routine training. Spoiler; no gym required.