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Throwdown Teardrop Heavy Bag

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Small Space friendly for big results

  1. SMALL SPACE FRIENDLY FOR BIG RESULT: Perfect for smaller spaces or low ceilings, commercial-grade training solution for MMA athletes
  2. PERFECT FOR HOME/GARAGE GYMS: Can be used at home, garage or in commercial gyms, ideal for MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, or other impact/contact sports. 
  3. SIMULATE OPPONENT: Helps to develop speed, timing, and accuracy for all types of strikes: up close, uppercuts, kicks, and body shots 
  4. DURABLE and CONSISTENT: Uses a premium textile fill and a foam liner, with no sinking or hollow points within the bag; Designed to withstand the most intense workouts and absorbs heavy contact 
  5. BALANCED WEIGHT: Ensures little movement from the bag throughout training

  • Technical Specs:  
    • 17” diameter, 35” in length, weight ranges from 70-85 lbs to ensure perfect firmness