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  1. ONE BENCH for all your workouts : Completely self-contained, the bench is designed to fit in any room in your home.  The FXD Bench is the most versatile bench in the game with the smallest footprint possible. Perfect for traditional Strength Training, HIIT, or Bodyweight with a huge range of accessories
  2. ALL-IN-ONE: Minimize transition time so you can maximize your workout. 6 pressing positions, 6 pulling positions, 100s of banded hook combos, stable enough for box jumps. Resistance rails engage training variety and optionality by providing anchor points at any bench angle or position
  3. SELF OR INSTRUCTOR-LED: Crafted to work seamlessly with instructor-led, app-led, or self-led workouts — dual-angle bench allows you to always be facing forward (toward your phone or instructor)
  4. COMPACT & MOBILE: Easy to move with our patented single lever brake release.
  5. UNPARALLELED QUALITY: Built for commercial gym or home use.

Technical Specs:

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: (2) each of 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb dumbbells, (1) each of 15lb and 30lb kettlebell, (1) 15lb slam ball, (2) Level 1 (15lb), Level 2 (30lb), Level 3 (35lb) sleeved resistance tubes, (2) resistance tube handles and ankle straps

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