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Olympic Barbell - 20 kg

Take your training to the next level with this solid steel barbell

  • RUGGED & DURABLE CONSTRUCTION:  Our Olympic weightlifting bar is made exclusively from steel with a hard chrome finish to ensure oxidation resistance.  The bar will keep up with any of your intense lifting days. 
  • DESIGNED FOR LIFTERS - KNURLED HANDLES:  This Olympic weight bar has well-designed knurled handles for an improved grip. From this design, our Olympic bars can increase the safety of your exercises and ensure a comfortable, consistent feel during sets.
  • SOLID AND BUILT STRONG:  Our bar is 20kg- strong enough to hold your stack, and 84.6’’long. Sufficient length allows you to do more movements, and a certain weight can help you build muscle. This will be your go-to bar for your strength training
  • ONE BAR FOR ALL YOUR SETS:  The smart design of our Olympic bar allows for easy movements such as bench presses, bicep curling, piggybacking, overhead pressure, or lunge. Perfect for your home or garage gym



- All-black bar, chrome sleeves with a medium knurling 

- Standard 20kg weight

- 1 1/8” diameter bar

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