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  1. Throwdown MMA Tactical Thai Pads (Black)

    Throwdown MMA Tactical Thai Pads (Black)

    T-Flex striking surface and ballistic leather forearm pad

    Riveted back handle, wrist and forearm hook-and-loop closure straps keep pad secured

    Triple nylon lace stitch closing throughout for added longevity

    Revolutionary contoured design for all training sessions including catching kicks and knees

    TD Advantage: Impact Armor, Tactical Target System, T-Flex, Ballistic Armor

    Color: Black / Red

    Size: 17” Tall x 8” Wide x 4” Thick

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  2. Throwdown Elbow Pads

    Throwdown Elbow Pads (Black)

    Anatomically correct Anvil Armor foam protection Neoprene sleeve with a durable leather striking surface The Throwdown foil anvil embodies quality at its highest level and signifies a full 1-year warranty from purchase date Learn More
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