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  1. Throwdown Traditional Thai Pads

    Throwdown Traditional Thai Pads

    T-Flex striking surface with ballistic leather forearm pad Learn More

  2. Throwdown Big Body Shield (Black)

    Throwdown Big Body Shield (Black)

    Full T-Flex construction

    Six padded 1" wide nylon handles two on either side four on the back

    Energy vented for quick disbursement post impact

    Provides complete protection for the upper torso and abdomen

    Additional shipping charges may apply

    TD Advantage: Impact Armor, T-Flex, Ballistic Leather, Tactical Target System

    Learn More

  3. Throwdown Elbow Pads

    Throwdown Elbow Pads (Black)

    Anatomically correct Anvil Armor foam protection Neoprene sleeve with a durable leather striking surface The Throwdown foil anvil embodies quality at its highest level and signifies a full 1-year warranty from purchase date Learn More
  4. Throwdown Buddha Belly Pad (Black)

    Throwdown Buddha Belly Pad (Black)

    Full ballistic leather construction, Provides 3” of closed cell foam multi-layer protection for the trainer. Learn More

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