Cages and Rings


From gyms and martial arts studios to performance venues and arenas, the custom built cages and rings at Throwdown are constructed with the highest standards of safety and functionality in mind. The Victory Series floor cage is ideal for gyms aiming to maximize shared space or section off different areas utilizing the versatile nature of our modular design. Our Elite series cages and rings are loaded with features, and all of our products can be customized with the host's branding if desired.

Victory Series Cages

The Throwdown Victory Series is composed of modular cage panels designed to be customized to fit your gym. No matter your needs, the victory series adds professional grade cage area to any gym space.

Elite Series Cages

The Throwdown Elite Series cage is the apex of professional grade cage implementation. Available in both the hexagon and octagon shapes, venues looking to take their fights to the next level need look no further.

Elite Series Rings

Throwdown produces the Elite Series world class rings in both 20' and 24' sizes. The rings are packed with convenience and safety features with athletes in mind and can be customized with your venue's branding.


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