The Commercial/Event Series Cages are the Pinnacle of Combat platforms. Specifically engineered to be assembled and disassembled countless times with ease while preserving its structural integrity. All of our Commercial/Event Series Cages complete and ready to install at your training center or event.

Throwdown’s proprietary Slam-Tek ™ Framing System is designed and proven to exceed safety expectations at any level including intense training centers to a full competition events.

The Throwdown proprietary Slam-Tek™ Framing System is a fully integrated structure. This engineered structure combines a center stage support system connected with a vertical “H” frame sections. Then, this assembled system is tied together with lateral stringers to complete the impenetrable subfloor base. All steel framing pieces are powder coated providing superior corrosion resistance.

Throwdown’s cage panels walls are constructed using a think vinyl coated heavy gauge chain link mounted to a steel frame. The panels are padded and carefully wrapped to create a safe and attractive environment. Beyond a critical component to the Throwdown commercial cages they also serve as the best in class walls that can be continuously strung together at any distance for grappling centers.


Event Series Cages - Feature the Throwdown Slamtek™ sub-flooring system to create a stable platform for both training and professional events, which is then covered with a 1.25” premium foam flooring system. The vertical cage panel posts are double gusseted 3.5 inch square tube posts for uncompromising strength. Each cage feature bottomless gate entry and digitally printed corner bumpers. Available in both Octagons and Hexagons.

Octagons – Available in 20’, 24’ and 30’ as either a Floor mount, 28” height and 36” height.  30’ Featured in the UFC®GYM™

Hexagons – Available in 20’ 24’ and 30’

Under Cage Drawer Accessory - Available for all size cages and great for convenient storage and security of training gear

Cage Cantilever Catwalk Accessory – Create a 26” walking Platform around any Throwdown cage.
Cage Stair System – Quick Connect, 48” wide non-slip treads that are flush to cage panel wall to both prevent tripping and provide a safe entry into the Octagon. Secured directly to the cage

Premium Cage Panel Walls - Constructed of a heavy gauge vinyl coated chain link with 3” square Tube Posts.  All Hardware is padded with multiple layers of tape, foam and upholstery. Extremely versatile and great for creating a barrier between your grappling and striking areas. Available in 3 sizes and connected with a double gusseted cage panel post.

3-Sided Training Cage – The Throwdown 3-sided floor series training Cage features three 8’ panels to provide both an open training area as well as structurally sound cage panel walls for intense MMA training.

Floor Standing Cage Systems- These are easy to set-up on existing mats and does not require bolting to the floor

MMA / Boxing Ring – Available in both 20’ and 24’ and feature a a rope system made from Aircraft cables encapsulated in a rubber hose and cover for athlete safety and protection.


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